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About Teachly

Teachly is an ed-tech application that brings the dynamics of a small classroom to larger lecture halls.

We began work on Teachly in the spring of 2015, after years spent obsessing about how to create increasingly personalized learning experiences for students. We had come to believe that data were critical to this mission--data about students, about our own habits as teachers, and about in-class interactions. But the barriers to the use of data were too high: too many Excel spreadsheets, too many institutional databases, too many stand-alone tools. We built Teachly to bring those data together in one place and to help us, as faculty, take more immediate action in the classroom.

To date, Teachly has been used by 10 faculty members in 16 classrooms at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Key Features

Student Profiles

Teachly aggregates data from multiple sources to build rich, searchable profiles. This allows for personalized interactions with each student.

Real-Time Stats

Teachly generates session-by-session analytics--combined into thematic dashboards--that identify patterns and help to flag students that may be falling through the cracks.

Interactive Seating Chart

By visualizing data as they're laid out in the real world, Teachly focuses attention on spatial blind spots, as well as on individual students that may need support.

"I can't teach without Teachly. I use it almost every day during the semester, to learn about the students in my classroom and to figure out what I could be doing better as a teacher."
Teddy Svoronos
Teddy Svoronos
Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School


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We’re working to make Teachly more widely available. If you’re interested in using Teachly at your institution, please add your email to our distribution list and we’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress. If you might be interested in helping to fund our work, please contact

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Our Team

Karti Subramanian


Dan Levy

Co-Creator & Faculty Pioneer

Teddy Svoronos

Co-Creator & Faculty Pioneer

Sarah Hamma

Project Manager

Advisors: Andy Levi, Mae Klinger


We're grateful to the Harvard Kennedy School for funding the pilot that's currently in progress, and to the many individuals who made this pilot possible. They include, but are not limited to, Archon Fung, Suzanne Cooper, Kristin Sullivan, Ian Tosh, Evan Abramsky, Don Oppenheimer, and Steve Duncan. We're also grateful to the faculty members participating in this pilot--Steve Cicala, David Eaves, Mark Fagan, Robert Lawrence, Hannah Riley-Bowles, Chris Robichaud, Rob Wilkinson--and to the members of their respective teaching teams.

About Us

Teachly is a project at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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