• Get to know your students. Get to know your teaching.

  • An application to create a more effective and inclusive classroom.

  • Used in over 100 classrooms across Harvard to date.

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Key Features

Student Profiles

Enrich classroom discussion through searchable profiles on students’ backgrounds and interests.

Interactive Seating Charts

Track which students participate and easily identify classroom blind spots through heat maps.

Real-Time Analytics

Identify participation patterns with session-by-session analytics dashboards.

What is Teachly?

How to use Teachly


“If you want richer discussions in your classroom and if you want students ultimately to feel greater ownership of your course takeaways, I highly recommend using Teachly!”
Samantha Power
Professor of Practice, Harvard Kennedy and Law School and Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N
“Teachly is by far the best instrument for getting immediate feedback on how you teach and how students respond. If you want hands-on programs to help you become a better teacher, Teachly should be on your list!”
Arne Westad
Professor, Yale University
“[Teachly] has allowed me to be more systematic about who I call on in class--both to cut back on calling on frequent hand-raisers and to encourage the quiet students to talk more”
Dara Kay Cohen
Associate Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
"Teachly has been an amazing source for me…I now am far more conscious about waiting those extra few seconds to call on a person who would add diversity."
Asim Khwaja
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Director of the HKS Center for International Development
"Teachly was of tremendous assistance to us. It really provided a roadmap and gave us visibility into who we needed to draw out during the course of our discussions. It proved to be an invaluable tool in the classroom."
Sheila Burke
Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
"Seeing my own bias…was new, surprising and useful"
Nicco Mele
Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School


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