Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Use the table of contents below to browse frequently asked questions for students enrolled in Teachly.

If you have any questions about Teachly not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What is Teachly?

Teachly is an ed-tech application that strives to make higher education classrooms both more inclusive and more effective by providing faculty a window into their teaching that they would otherwise not have. Teachly creates increasingly personalized learning experiences for students by making data readily available to faculty and their teaching teams.

Data are critical to Teachly’s mission — data about students, about faculty teaching habits, and about in-class interactions. Teachly lowers the barriers to use data by bringing the data faculty need into one place to help faculty take more immediate action in the classroom. Teachly has 3 key features:

  • Real-Time Stats: Teachly generates session-by-session analytics — combined into thematic dashboards — that identify patterns and help to flag students that may be falling through the cracks.
  • Student Profiles: Teachly builds rich, searchable student profiles about their backgrounds, interests, and goals. This allows for personalized interactions with each student.
  • Interactive Seating Chart: By visualizing data as they’re laid out in the real world, Teachly focuses attention on spatial blind spots, as well as on individual students that may need support.

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Do I need to enroll in a Teachly course if I already enrolled in Teachly for another course?

Yes; you need to enroll for each course separately. However, as long as your courses are in the same school, you should not have to fill in your profile twice (see here.

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Do I need to enroll if I am not sure I will end up taking this course?

Yes; please do so. We will drop you from the Teachly instance of the course if you decide to drop the course. This will ensure that your class participation data are recorded from the beginning of the course. To officially drop the course, follow the official channels.

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Do I need to complete the Teachly profile if I have already filled it in?

No. You will only be sent a link to fill in your Teachly profile if you have not filled it in before. But you must complete the two parts of the student profile. If you get sent a link after having completed the two parts of your Teachly profile, please contact Teachly so you don’t have to fill in this information twice.

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How will faculty use the information in the Teachly profile?

The information in part 1 will help your faculty member keep track of classroom participation patterns and avoid any individuals or groups feeling excluded from the classroom discussion. The information on part 2 will help your faculty member get to know you better and be better able to connect the class material with your background and experience. This is why it’s important for you to fill in the two parts of your Teachly profile.

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Which email address should I use when enrolling in a Teachly course?

Please use your official school address from our school/department (i.e. no gmail, yahoo, etc). If you use more than one address in Teachly you will be asked to complete the student profile multiple times, so hence the need to use a single official email address.

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Will you use Teachly to assign our participation grade?

This is something you should discuss with your faculty member. While Teachly is intended to serve as a tool to help faculty understand their own teaching, its data could potentially be useful as a component of a participation grade.

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Can I edit my profile information?

Yes; you can edit it at any time. See our support page for more information.

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What about my privacy?

Teachly collects data for the exclusive purpose of helping faculty teach more effectively and inclusively. Here is Teachly’s privacy policy.

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Where can I get answers to questions that don’t appear on this list?

Please write to us at

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