Teachly Privacy Policy

  1. Enrollment Information
    1. Faculty and teaching team members use your first name, last name, and Harvard email associated with your Harvard Key to enroll you in their Teachly course.
  2. Profile Information
    1. Once you are enrolled in a Teachly course for the first time, you will be asked to complete a student profile.
    2. Your Teachly profile data is only available to the teaching teams of courses that you enroll in.
  3. User Support and Communication
    1. IT and support staff may access this data exclusively for troubleshooting and support purposes.
    2. Teachly may retain messages sent via email or the feedback button to ensure the issue is resolved and noted for future development.
  4. Use of Information
    1. Teachly data is used exclusively for the purposes of improving teaching.
      1. Your participation data for a given course is available only to the teaching team of that particular course.
    2. Your identifiable data is not shared with third parties for any reason.
  5. We may aggregate data collected from Teachly to perform analyses across courses, but this is fully anonymized and cannot, in any way, be traced back to the student.
  6. Support of HUIT
    1. Teachly worked with Harvard IT to ensure that it is fully compliant with Harvard’s standards related to the storing of student data. All Teachly data is stored on Harvard IT servers, and authentication happens exclusively through HarvardKey. Teachly is compliant with Level (3) of HUIT Data Security.